Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Few Firsts!

Well brace yourself....this will be my most cheerful post ever!
July has brought more positives than June brought negatives! A series of firsts for Charlie that the rest of us have delighted in! The earliest one was so long in coming but he is now safely sitting unsupported and can correct himself when he starts to topple over! As if that weren't enough check out this last picture...we are standing! and boy don't we know it's clever! He's so proud of himself! He still needs a hand to support him but he's genuinely bearing weight which is such a relief to us all. Next milestone (and my personal favourite!) I am "Mama". I thought at first this was a coincidence, but when he's upset and being consoled by someone other than me, he repeats it until I take him. Then he cuddles in and goes to sleep! (actually shedding a tear as I write this - I'm so happy!)
Another new acheivement is grasping his toys and attempting to use them with intent (In the fourth picture, we are proudly managing a dummy and a bell rattle at the same time!) I know this is a late skill to arrive but that's all the more reason to be pleased that it finally has.
This month has also brought his first sign (More!) - I have tried to capture this on film but its difficult as I'm trying to cooperate with what ever he wants more of. The closest is the sleepy one where he was actually wanting more 'incy-wincy spider'!
The best news realistically is that we've had our first review with Charlie's consultant that brought only positive feedback. She is delighted with his progress! His fits are in decline. His muscle tone is vastly improved and he 'performed' at the appointment, generously displaying each oof the firsts mentioned above. The consultant summed up by saying he had made 'real significant progress', nicer still she repeated her stance on children with Down Syndrome.
"I love these children." but added "but I have to admit, Charlie is particularly lovely!" No more than I thought, but praise indeed!
Obviously then it's been a great month and on top of that school's out! No more work for six weeks! Which obviously allows me more time with my little loves. The children I have taught this year to echo Charlie's consultants sentiments were 'particularly lovely' and the generosity of the parents in their wonderful messages, cards and gifts at the end of term were overwhelming. I thank them sincerely and will genuinely miss their children.

All in all it's been a good month. Here's to many more!

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Bennetts said...

Wow he is doing great! And i might add he is soooooo handsome!

Viv said...

Sally (Mama! How wonderful!!)
Just playing on the computer and decided to take a look at your blog. How much has Charlie progressed in just the short time since we've broken up. It's lovely! Well done Charlie Boy!!
Hope your all enjoying the summer hols! Enjoy your family!!
Luv Paula BF
PS I've been blurting whilst reading!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

What a wonderful set of achievements! Congratulations! Mama was music to my ears too the first time Gabi said it. Gabi actually said Mama before the typical child did. Her delays didn't start showing until the walking. And my typical 9 month old is not doing the typical age stuff yet. So don't fret the delays too much. Sounds like your doing the right stuff.

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I almost forgot to tell you, your Charlie is soooo cute!