Sunday, February 11, 2007

Small Things to Smile About...

Charlie is making better progress this month. He has cut his first tooth - that's been a long time coming! He plays with it with his tongue constantly and for some reason known only to him, finds it irrationally funny. He's developed the kind of giddy, infectious laugh that could affect even the hardest heart. Best of all, Charlie is really trying to communicate. He makes strange yet completely endearing noises and shows real delight when they are echoed back to him. A broad smile and a few seconds later, he's off again! It's a conversation!...and it's genuinely heart-warming.
I've also noticed for the first time, he's actually starting to reach for his toys. This is a milestone I've been watching for for so long. Strangely enough, as if he senses my anticipation, his hands stay rigidly by his sides as I play with him. As soon as I move away (and he thinks I'm not looking) his hands start to twitch and he makes those tentative, stretching movements outwards. He's obviously inherited his sisters' cheeky streak!
He'll be having an EEG soon to check he hasn't any seizure activity. I don't believe he has but I think it will be an uncomfortable experience, bringing back too many sad memories of Claudia and Caitlin wired up in the same way and always with the most unwelcome results.

The girls themselves are doing really well at the moment. They still have many absences, especially when they're tired but the bigger fits seem to be in decline. Thank goodness! This lull has brought improvements in their development that have far exceeded our expectations. Their language skills are beginning to shock visitors who have gradually come to view them as 'quiet girls'. They've reached a new level of cheekiness - Caitlin's current favourite is a very 'talk to the hand!' gesture accompanied by her very forcefully asserting: "I'm not talking to you anymore!" Although she can't maintain her aloofness if I say it back to her. She quickly trots after me repeating: "Hello Mummy...yes you do talk to me!"
Claudia remains quieter, partly because that's her nature and partly because she's still a little further behind in her development. There's something about Claudia's general demeanour that seems to pull at everyones heartstrings. She has a beautiful, sensitive face that is just as likely to dissolve into tears as a grin and considering her autism she is incredibly affectionate.

I love spending time with my little family! Like so many mothers however, I'm sorry I don't have more of it to spend. Much is said these days about getting an appropriate work/life balance. Unfortunately, my idea of the perfect balance is 5% work, 95% life!

I'll keep dreaming!


Bennetts said...

What a sweet family. I seen your post on the T21 board and thought I would pop in and say Hi and Welcome.
I am Chases Mom Rose, he is 2 1/2 years old. We blog to at

Your little man is so cute, and I love your videos!

FamilySnows said...

How wonderful that you stopped by T21 online. I hope you will love it there, it's a wonderful place to share joys and be supported. Your family is beautiful, as is your blog, your writing, and your photos - wow!! I am mom to Elly, age 2, and post some on T21 online. I also have a blog at