Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Month On...

I doubt I'll ever be sorry I started this. It has brought unexpected kindnesses from the most unexpected of people.
Charlie is doing so well. This month he has begun to sit up. He does not have control for long, but he does have control! (a little like me!)
After a really nasty chest infection, he is finally able to return to hydro-therapy. The session brings ear to ear smiles from start to finish. It introduces me to those in 'similar boats'. They treat me with a kindness and sensitivity I have only come to expect from closest friends and family. It also re-aquaints me with the professionals who care more about the families they work with than their professional title - they undoubtedly have a greater awareness of the difficulties of my situation than all but the very closest of my own work colleagues.
It is therefore probably greater therapy for me than for Charlie!
Every parent regardless of their child's ability should experience a session like this. It is unadulterated happiness both for mother and child and although I do not regret for a second my opportunity to partake, it's a little sad that it takes situations like mine before this service is offered. It should be obligatory.
"Look at your child!...Look at that smile...Do you appreciate how honoured you are to share in that glee!"
I do!

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My Three Babies

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